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Love marriage is most rare and common thing in today’s time . The reason of love marriage is the completely fall in  love with their partner.  every couple and every person who is in love they want to get married with their love partner or their desire love. But even today some people have old opinion like no love before marriage and they don’t believe in love marriage that they feel that love marriage can not be success in their life. The basic concept of love marriage lies in the fact that the boy or girl choses his or her life partner. They also live in happiness and peace because they had chosen each other from the beginning. But when love marriage becomes intercaste marriage then it might be problematic. Marriage between two people is a wonderful union but when it is inter-caste marriage, or due to class/status difference it can become a problem for both couples and families. Pandit Vednath Ji is love marriage specialist.  Love is a part of soul of human body. Love marriages are not new to the Indian culture. There are several instances in the times gone by when boy married the girl of his choice or vice versa. In present Indian Society, love marriages are becoming trendy and are also being accepted by various communities. Due to modernization of Indian culture and lack of social matrimonial services, such marriages are being accepted by major section of educated urban society and such marriages have proved their success and worth in most of the cases.

In arrange marriage love appears on the scene only after marriage. though, love marriage offers an prospect to the lovers to know each other before marriage. Love before marriage can be well used as a tool to know and trial the capabilities to live together with each other i.e..to know also the shortcomings of each other and potential to adjust with the same. If these qualities are tested before hand sensitively, love marriage will be a success. In love marriage, both person knows each other very well and have understanding in between them. After that so many problems comes in marriage life. That where love astrology can help love partners, Love marriage specialist can solve this type of problem.

If you love someone from your bottom of your heart or more than your life but someone encumbers your love, or you are unable to express your feelings, or you have broke up and want him or her back, or if your loved one stared ignoring you, all these problems can be solve by love marriage specialist. It is the placement of these planets in the above mentioned and their positive or negative influences which determine the chances of success of such marriages. though, opinion of a well qualified and proficient astrologer should be sought so that there are no problems later on in life.


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