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blank Vashikaran to control husband
blank Vashikaran to control husband
blank Vashikaran to control husband

Vashikaran to control husband


Doing vashikaran to control husband  can be possible with chanting a husband vashikaran mantra atleast  21 days,  after the pooja of maha kaali. At the time of practice, sit on the place and read the name of husband to control husband. By using this husband vashikaran mantra many people have already saved their families. You can also take benefit of this vashikaran mantra. Pandit vednath ji gives the right path for apply the vashikaran mantra to control  husband. it is said that ladies are an image of shakti and power like Goddess Parvati, and men are image of Lord Shiva. In astrology a female belongs to shukra grah. There are 8 faces of goddess Laxmi and that is why she is called as Asht Laxmi. In these 8 faces one face represents a wife. That is called Grah Laxmi. It has been seen that many husband and wife came in that manage with some other person and explode the whole family. It has also seen that the husband cheats their wife for another lady and hit their wife for dowry. Same thing can happen to a lady, she may come in contact with other man and leave their own children and husband. If man has a right to love then a woman has also same right.



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